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Richard R. Alamia Attorney at Law is a Texas web-based law practice providing affordable estate planning, divorce and small business legal services delivered via a secure online platform. The services I provide through my virtual law office offer a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional lawyer-client interactions.

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No need to schedule an appointment, miss work, travel to a law office, or wait to meet with an attorney. Once you register on this website, you will have access to this online law office 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via your secure, personal login page – from any location, and at any time, that is convenient for you.

Your entire transaction can be conducted online, without disrupting your busy schedule. Whenever you have questions for me, or need to communicate with me for any reason, you can send me a secure message from your private account, and I will respond as quickly as possible.


Because of the expense and uncertainty commonly associated with the traditional lawyer-client relationship and hourly-based fees, many people who need legal services are reluctant to consult with an attorney. By using technology to eliminate overhead expenses associated with operating a conventional “brick and mortar” law office, I am able to deliver high-quality legal services to you at competitive rates. Most of the services I provide are at fixed fees, with no hidden charges, so you can budget accordingly.


Unlike LegalZoom and other non-lawyer alternatives which simply sell mass-produced documents, when you purchase documents or services through this Website you are retaining the services of a licensed Texas attorney who will tailor the documents and advice you receive to best suit your individual needs, protect your rights and interests, and ensure compliance with Texas law. A forms company cannot provide you with legal advice, and adds very little for the fees they charge – such as making sure that you spell your name correctly!


Attorney-client communications via this online law office are secure and encrypted – as opposed to conventional e-mail, which is unencrypted and does not provide a secure means of client communication. My clients’ data are maintained in a Tier 4 data center – the most stringent standard of data protection, designed to protect mission-critical software. All payments are processed via a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – compliant credit card processor, and no credit card account numbers are stored on our servers.

Accessing Online Legal Services is Easy! Here’s how it works:

Richard R. Alamia Attorney at Law’s online platform gives you 24/7 real time access to your secure private account where you can view your files, monitor updates, status changes, and charges. There are no hidden fees or costs. Our online law office also offers you the ability to purchase unbundled documents and additional services on demand at a fixed fee.
You’ll never have to miss work, travel to a law office, or wait for long periods of time to talk with a lawyer. Talking with a lawyer is as simple as creating an appointment online for consultations via telephone, Skype or online chat.

1-2-3 Step Procedures to Access Services!

  1. Richard R. Alamia Attorney at Law’s online services require you to register with this website, which will give you access to your own MyClientSpace website.
  2. On the secure MyClientSpace website you can purchase the legal services you need and retrieve your item(s) online.
  3. When you are ready for check-out, you can save your data and you can purchase your selected service with a credit card online.

It’s as easy as that! If you would like to have legal guidance when completing a document, or would like it to be done for you please contact me via telephone, private message, or Skype.

How My System Works

  • I help Texas individuals and small businesses deal with their legal problems without spending thousands of dollars in legal fees, or resorting to non-lawyer alternatives like LegalZoom.
  • I offer legal forms bundled with legal advice for a fixed fee.
  • I also offer traditional legal services that we bill either on a fixed fee basis per project, or by the hour, depending on the matter and the type of legal problem.
  • Within this secure space you can purchase the legal services that I offer, and your entire transaction can be conducted online.
  • To purchase a legal form bundled with legal advice you start by completing an on-line questionnaire. You can start your questionnaire for free without paying a fee.
  • Online legal services may not be suitable for every legal matter. If I determine that your specific legal matter requires services beyond the scope that I provide, or that I am otherwise unable to help you with your legal matter, I will promptly refer you to a full-service Texas law firm or a Texas lawyer referral service free of charge.

Only a Law Firm Can Give You Legal Advice.

Richard R. Alamia Attorney at Law is a Texas law firm managed by Richard Alamia, a licensed attorney based in Edinburg, Texas. In addition to the document-based services and online consultation provided through this virtual law office, I am also available for face-to-face consultation, by prior appointment, or by Skype

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