Civil Law

A civil litigation attorney represents a client for representing them in lawsuits against another party or parties to obtain financial benefits and/or obtain a court order to prevent someone from taking an action or force them to take one. Our Rio Grande Valley civil litigation attorneys have worked with clients across Texas to obtain verdicts that helped our clients to:

  • Get compensation for their loses
  • Solve their business disputes
  • Recover their outstanding payments
  • Resolve disputes with their insurance company
  • Enforce business/financial contracts
  • Get their unpaid wages/overtimes/benefits
  • Enforce the provisions in their employment contract with the employer
  • Vacate their properties
  • Get the rights to their real estate properties
  • Enforce their Landlord Rights
  • Safeguard their registered Trademarks and Patents

A civil lawsuit is initiated when a plaintiff files a complaint against a defendant. This is followed by a long process of DISCOVERY that involves both sides exchanging information about the case. This is either concluded by a settlement or a trial of the dispute by a judge or jury. Often, a dispute is resolved by arbitration when both parties agree that the dispute should be resolved between them outside the court. Being the civil litigation attorneys in the Rio Grande Valley, we have helped our clients from the beginning to the end of a lawsuit, and on both sides plaintiff and defendant.

We have helped our clients when they are on the plaintiff side, and want to file a lawsuit against an individual or company. Our civil litigation team will work with the client to understand their situation and file a lawsuit after carefully analyzing federal, state, and local laws. We want the best for our clients no matter what, so our hard work starts from the day one when we meet with the client to analyze his/her situation for filing a civil lawsuit. After filing the lawsuit, we continuously work with our client, opposing counsel, and courts to make sure that our client gets what he/she wants to obtain from the lawsuit. We continue to work hard until the matter in the lawsuit is resolved, either by arbitration or by the court/jury.

On the other hand, if one of our clients is defending a civil lawsuit, we make sure that his/her rights are being protected. We will start working with our client by explaining different parts of the lawsuit, his/her rights under federal, state and local laws, and what is the best strategy to use to deal with the matter. We constantly work with our client, opposing counsels, and courts to make sure that our client’s rights are protected and he is aggressively represented in the lawsuit.

Our litigation team has represented clients in all kinds of litigation matters, including:

Our Rio Grande Valley civil litigation lawyers are always here to assist our clients in any type of litigation matter. Call us at 1.8880.424.8515, email us at  to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with our litigation lawyers.