Unbundled Immigration Services

Many people who need an attorney cannot afford full-service legal representation and do not qualify for legal aid or other free or low-cost legal services. Other individuals like the do-it-yourself approach, but want help with complicated parts of their case or guidance to make sure they are preparing their application properly. To meet the needs of these clients, we are pleased to offer unbundled legal services as a cost-effective alternative to full-service representation.

If you choose this option, we will coach you through the immigration process, but you will represent yourself, using our limited legal services as a tool to assist you with preparing your immigration application. With unbundled legal services you get control, price and service: You maintain the control over your case, shepherding it through the immigration process; your price for legal assistance becomes more affordable when you only buy those services you want; you get the service you need and expect from an experienced immigration attorney to give you confidence and peace of mind when representing yourself that you are following the right procedures and preparing the best case you can.

What are unbundled legal services?

Unbundled legal services go by several other names, including “legal coaching,” “limited scope assistance,” “discrete task” representation, or just “limited assistance” or “limited representation.”

Unbundled legal services are designed to provide people with options when they can handle most of the immigration application process themselves, but would like limited legal assistance to make sure they are proceeding correctly.

For example, you may be comfortable filling out the forms and compiling the necessary documents for a marriage visa, but you want an attorney to review your application to verify it was done correctly or point out any potential problems. Or, maybe you are not sure how to prove your marriage is bona fide and would like some advice on what supporting documents you should submit.

With unbundled legal services, you pay for just those services you want as you are preparing your immigration application. Instead of paying higher fees for start-to-finish preparation and management of your immigration case, you represent yourself, but hire an attorney for legal assistance at specific stages of the immigration application process tailored to your unique needs.

What types of immigration applications qualify for unbundled legal services?

We offer unbundled legal services for most family and employment-based applications. Our Immigration Application Review service, though, is only available for the following applications:

– Fiancé(e) visas (K-1 visa)
– Family-based immigrant petitions (I-130)
– Family-based adjustment of status applications (I-485)
– Removal of conditions for marriage-based green cards (I-751)
– Naturalization applications (N-400)
– E (investor/treaty trader) non-immigrant visa applications

Are you a candidate for unbundled legal services?

Unbundled services are not for all clients or all legal problems. Whether you should use unbundled services depends upon, among other factors, your capabilities, the nature of your immigration status and application type, and the availability of other self-help resources.

If you are interested in taking advantage of unbundled legal services, please complete the questionnaire available here. If any of the statements apply to you, you are not eligible to use our Immigration Application Review unbundled legal service. For those not eligible for an unbundled legal service, we are pleased to offer both Full-Service Representation, which includes handling complicated cases, and a consultation service for Immigration Strategy and Case Planning, during which we would address the complicating factors involved in your case and identify your options for overcoming them and pursuing your immigration goals.

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All services are provided via online communications so that you may access this legal assistance no matter where you are located.

  • Immigration Strategy and Case Planning ($350). You want to know what your visa options are or you already know the visa category you need, but want help with case strategy.
  • Immigration Application Review ($350). You already prepared your application, but want an attorney to review it and provide guidance on the case process
  • Interview Preparation ($200). You have a visa interview with USCIS in the United States or a consular officer overseas, but are not sure what to expect and want to be prepared.


For clients whose situations are too complex for unbundled legal services, we continue to offer full-service representation. Our full-service representation includes consultation on immigration options and the pros and cons of those options, preparation of all required forms, guidance on preparing the supporting documentation, drafting the legal explanation of why you qualify for the requested immigration status, following up with USCIS about your case, and responding to your questions about the visa process.

To engage us for any of the above services or for an assessment of what services are most appropriate for you, please contact our office at (888) 424-8515

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